Friday, August 28, 2009

What’s in a name? Part two

When I started putting stuff online I didn’t want to do it as me. I was nervous about what people might say. Scared that people from my past would look me up and belittle my efforts. And over time I wanted to be other bloggers including Alison from Brocantehome, Gala Darling, Jennifer at Vegan lunchbox and numerous daily outfit posters. I’ve always believed in the ‘act as if’ rule where you fake it until you find your own way. Interestingly I never even tried to be Nubbytwiglet; I know my limits.

So like many people who want to hide or become someone else I used another name. Maybe not a nickname as it’s one I gave myself. Midorigreen came from a weekend away camping with a spoof military theme. My group of friends called ourselves the cocktail regiment and all adopted names with an alcohol theme. With my love of all things green and Japanese midorigreen seemed ideal.

It also seemed ideal when I looking for a name to hide behind online. Since then I’ve begun to think of midorigreen as my alter ego. She’s a stronger, more powerful version of me who has emerald green hair and can actually play bass guitar.

So what’s been the point of this post and part one? Well I’ve decided it’s time for a new blog. This blog was my space to grow out of the place I was in when I started it. I’ve always thought September was a good time for new starts. So from the start of September you’ll be able to find me at

Don’t expect radical changes in content. I’m still me, I’m still growing and changing (and that’s going to be going on for a lifetime – this is not a novel or a film). I will continue to be inspired by other bloggers. The only real change will be the title and that I’m not hiding in quite the same way anymore.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Festivals - Dear Heart and I had a marvellous time at V last weekend. It's bene ten years since I last went for some reason or another (life getting in the way of doing other things maybe?) and it's simply gotten bigger and better. Loved the stuff that was going on away from the main stage (although the main stage did have it's moments i.e. Coldplay) and a big clap to whoever had the grand idea of payuing 10p for any cups handed in at a recycle point. It helped with the litter problem and I made enough to cover a beer or three.

Lawrence of Arabia - Ok I'm only half way through but already very impressed. Nice to watch a film that doesn't depend entirely on special effects to keep your interest. In fact for a film that so far has been a group of blokes riding camels across a desert it's amazing.

Other stuff - clearing clutter on eBay and Freecycle, looking forward to September, knowing that there is no point in worrying, greengages and plums, weekend plans, clearing joblists, early yule shopping, good reads and lsiting supplies in the freezer.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What’s in a name? Part one

Ever wonder why this is pretty little blog and not some other title? I started it back in 2006(ish) because I had started a little online business called Pretty Little Parcels. I was very excited about Pretty Little Parcels when I started it. It was a time when I was really starting to engage with the idea of being more actively online. I’d started reading Brocantehome which is the first blog I can recall reading and being excited about visiting daily. I think I was also quite into the idea of making part of my living online. Seduced by the glamour of the dot com.

Anyway inspiration struck and I began PLP. The basis concept of PLP was sending out boxes with a few delightful surprise items in them. A bit like a cracker. So there would be something to make you feel beautiful, something delicious, something fun and something to make you think. I started the blog partly as a way of promotion but soon realised that I liked being able to record my thoughts and write about life.

I’m shutting down Pretty Little Parcels, but keeping the blogging. PLP was a great learning experience and didn’t leave me at a loss financially. I’m just not willing to devote the time to marketing it. Also I have issues with what I’m putting in the parcels. I was just experimenting with veganism when I started it and had no problems buying products with milk in them to go in the parcels. Now it doesn’t feel right for me to do so. On a similar note I’ve also gotten into the habit of not buying things. I’m sure a lot of products that I bought for parcels were made in sweatshops.

One of the biggest problems with my life (and it’s a blessing really!) is that there are so many things that I am interested in. I have to face up and realise that I can’t do them all at once. It’s time to move on. To focus. We think nothing of decluttering our homes, our desks, our wardrobes and our fridges. We’re not so good at decluttering our lives. Doing less better rather then more in a haphazard not really committed manner.

It’s nearly September and time for life to move on.

Get ready for the second act!

What's in my lunchbox this week?

I attempted to consume this out of doors. However the high winds meant that it was a real effort to get the fork to my mouth before bits blew away!

From top right:

Lovely local Plum and Greengage
Blackberry and marzipan muffins - I had a load of Blackberries that I picked that needed using up. These are delicious. I made them with wholewheat flour and let the marzipan and fruit do all the sweetening.
Salad of pasta, green olives, sweetcorn and a teeny bit of Mr Singh's chilli sauce.
Slices of red pepper and cucumber.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Days off - I seem to have been on the go all summer long. Lunch breaks are non existent or spent travelling, rather than in the park. Days off so far have been spent travelling or meeting up with people. Hence it's been marvellous to have two days at home not having to do anything.

Clear outs - Of course I have been doing stuff. Mainly clearing out boxes from my study and stuff from our soon to be refurbished utility room. I've divided it into piles for charity shops, for a friend who does car boot sales for a dogs home, freecycle and finally eBay. I'm amazed by the demand for some items on freecycle. My beaded curtain and leaf rake could have gone several times over. However I am short on taker for my set of taps and mug tree.

Other stuff - music festivals, sleeping it off, long lunches, great reads, sunshine, not worrying, going with the flow, green tops with hint of mint worn with white heart shaped necklaces, gucamole, menu changes, living the moment.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

To do list

List items on Freecycle and eBay (seller name Prettymidorigreen should anyone be interested)
Buy beer
Find shoes suitable to wear to a music festival (high heels, ballet pumps & flipflops just don't cut it)
Enjoy long lunch with good food, fresh air, music and either something engrossing to read or some godd conversation

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's in my lunchbox this week?

Another box of seasonal goodness!

Clockwise from top right:
Mock duck in BBQ sauce
Blueberries from the market and Blackberries picked by me from a nearby bush
Roasted tomatoes, Aubergines & home grown Courgette

Monday, August 17, 2009

How to be happy

A bit of my Saturday is normally taken up with reading the Guardian and I always start with the Weekend magazine (unless Dear Heart gets to it first). I really enjoyed the pieces this weekend about happiness.

The basic things seemed to be: you can’t be happy all the time, help people, engage in activities that you really enjoy, be grateful, embrace the new and novel, build relationships, accept that you don’t know what will make you happy and finally invest in experiences, not things.

I can see a lot of these things really coming out in blogs I read. The one I’m uncertain about is putting money and resources into experience not things. Bloggers often write about new purchases or things they want to buy. Does the whole process of choosing an item and purchasing it count as an ‘experience’?

Anyway do have a read of the various pieces all of which are linked to in this introduction to the What makes you happy debate.